Saturday, July 12, 2008

Things They Should Invent: driving schools for people who don't have a car to practise in

A while back, they found that driving school grads have more accidents than people who didn't go to driving school.

It occurs to me that this might be because all driving schools are based on the idea that the student is a teenager who can practise in their parents' car. (If you know of a driving school in Toronto that isn't based on this model, please let me know in the comments. I might need it someday.) A lot of people are, especially in more exurban areas, but not everyone falls into this category.

People who do have a car and an adult driver to practice with may go to driving school, or may just practise a lot and then take the test. But people who don't have an opportunity to practise will have to go to driving school to get even a little bit of practice in. Therefore, 100% of people who can't practise independently go to driving school, while less than 100% of people who can practise independently go to driving school.

What we need is a driving school program that does not assume students will have a chance to practise. They pick you up after school and work and take you driving every day for (1 month? 2 months? whatever's an appropriate amount of time) before your exam so you get enough practice time in with your driving instructor.


L-girl said...

I had two close friends in NYC who learned to drive as adults and they could have really used this. They both rented cars to practice, but that's never going to be the same as driving every day.

impudent strumpet said...

In Ontario you can't even do that. You need to be fully licenced to rent a car, and car rental agreements forbid letting anyone who isn't on the agreement drive the car. So even if you can find a fully-licenced accompanying driver and get them to rent the car for you, you'd have to break the terms of the agreement and they'd be held fully responsible if anything happened to the car.